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Recognized as a global leader, Salient Systems, Inc. is a premiere innovator in real-time failure mode detection for the rail industry. Salient, by definition, stands out from the rest. Salient's IntelliTrack® solutions have lead the way by bringing new technologies and the power of information to the rail industry since 1984. IntelliTrack® solutions provide a quantum leap in track & equipment reliability, performance, and safety to improve the rail industry's competitiveness. A comprehensive system of software and hardware solutions have been purpose built to last in the harsh rail environment. IntelliTrack® technologies are poised to become the Six Sigma standard for the rail industry, serving as catalysts for the establishment of system-wide failure detection thresholds.

Faulty track and equipment cause more than half of all train derailments and most system delays. As the tempo of worldwide operations increase, so does the need for value-added smart systems to manage reliability, performance, maintenance and safety through early warning of emerging problems.

Management by knowledge, by measurement, and by prevention is the key. Real-time monitoring of rail and vehicle lowers the risk of catastrophic derailments and promotes timely, cost-effective predictive maintenance. The most dangerous defects in rail infrastructure are the ones invisible to the human eye. IntelliTrack® solutions integrate advanced failure detection technologies with state-of-the-art decision-making software tools to enable the international rail industry to capture value by safely and cost effectively identifying undesirable conditions. Without IntelliTrack® solutions, rail operations are compromised. The handling railroad, the vehicle owner, the customer whose business depends on reliable shipments, and the public who demand operational safety all benefit from IntelliTrack® solutions.

Client List

L.B. Foster Salient Systems provides customized rail track and equipment monitoring technology to a diverse collection of global and domestic companies around the world.  Our customer base includes some of the largest railway companies in the world.  Some of our clients include: