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Wheel Impact Load Detector Wheel Impact Load Detector

Performance Monitoring in the 21st Century

There are two primary goals of performance monitoring as it relates to the modern railway; safety and cost improvement. Passenger and freight railways are currently monitoring the health and safety of infrastructure and rolling stock which allows them to run a more profitable and safer operation.

Salient Systems, Inc. is helping railways on six continents to make these ideas a reality by:

  • Monitoring wheel impacts with WILD (Wheel Impact Load Detector) systems.
  • Monitoring train and vehicle weights with WIM (Weigh-In-Motion) and TOID (Train Overload Imbalance Detectors).
  • Monitoring high speed stability with the HTD (Hunting Truck Detector).
  • Integrating all of these systems with other “smart sensors” to give decision-makers the complete picture of their railway system.

Salient is turning data into information!

The Salient WILD was the first detector in North America to have an AAR interchange rule written around it. This speaks volumes to the value and confidence the railways have in these systems! There are now more than 200 Salient WILD systems installed on six continents around the globe.  

The industry is greatly improving operations in areas where performance monitoring systems have been adopted. Railways on five continents have benefited by monitoring their rail neutral temperature in key locations. The IntelliTrack® Navigator system is also helping to facilitate rail repair to “safe” operating conditions. Limiting situations like track buckle derailments and speed restrictions!

Railways are also moving forward with performance monitoring in a very smart way. They are creating “super-sites” or “mega-sites” which allow multiple detectors to take advantage of parallel assets such as enclosures, power and communications lines. This allows for a more cost effective way of advancing these technological efficiencies. There are also “rules engines” being created to make predictive maintenance decisions on multiple issues such as wheel impacts and their correlation with faulty bearings.  

As new detectors are introduced the railroads are working with vendors to integrate this new information into daily operations. We are refining the process of performance monitoring and predictive maintenance and are doing a great job of creating a safer and more efficient railway system. We are proud to be part of this movement not only in North American but in South America, Australia, Europe and Asia as well.

Salient Systems Inc. continues to improve and evolve technology to meet the increasing demands of passenger and freight railways around the globe.