L.B. Foster Salient Systems

IntelliTrack® Technology

Faulty track and equipment cost the global rail industry billions of dollars to repair. Billions more are spent on personal injury, hazardous material clean up, litigation and lost productivity. As the tempo of worldwide operations increase, so does the need for value-added, smart systems to manage reliability and safety through early warning of emerging problems. Recognized as a global leader, Salient Systems, Inc. is the premiere innovator in real-time failure mode detection for the rail industry.

Management by prevention is the key. Real-time monitoring of infrastructure, maintenance and rolling stock is mandatory for a 21st century railroad.

IntelliTrack is a suite of products that are “value-add” solutions which bring cutting-edge technologies and the power of information to the rail industry. IntelliTrack solutions provide a quantum leap in track and equipment reliability, performance and safety.


IntelliTrack Navigator

IntelliTrack Navigator offers an intuitive, web-accessible user interface using modern browser technology.

IntelliTrack Navigator:

  • Provides proactive alerts of critical alarm conditions.

  • Dynamically updates module alarm status.

  • Can easily locate the alarmed modules on the integrated, zoom-capable map.


IntelliTrack Navigator is hosted in a Tier 4 data center by L.B. Foster. Its cloud computing technology provides easy scalability without the need to buy new hardware or software. A complete user guide is available as an online help tool.

Data from user-selected modules can be displayed as a dynamic chart. The chart allows the user to specify the time range and the types of data that should be included. While viewing the chart, the user can easily turn off and on the visibility of one or more data types and can also zoom in on a particular time period.

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